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Friday, January 14, 2011

School District #73 AdminBLOG: Math thoughts for discussion this week

School District #73 AdminBLOG: Math thoughts for discussion this week: "As this is going to be on the agenda for the admin meeting this week, we have had numerous discussions around what we are planning on doing ..."

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  1. After the aadmin meeting on Thursday, I spoke to a few math teachers and the feeling is to eliminate A&W 10 and run all students through Common Math 10. We talked about a strong focus on the skills necessary and tracking of the skills that are lacking in order to provide 'evidence' of weak areas for the grade 9 teachers. In fact, one teacher is quite keen and has agreed to pilot the idea for next semester. He had an A&W 10 scheduled but will now teach the Common math i.e. the F&P curriculum. He plans to really focus on skill development and weed out the extra 'stuff'. I am anxious to see how it turns out. Down side is we will need more F&P textbooks...